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Four Levels of Doom and Gloom in Black Mirror

It’s easy to think that Black Mirror operates on technophobia, but it has always been about people, and about how we misuse what we create.

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Nonchalant and All-Consuming: Revisiting Skins, Over a Decade Later

In many ways, Skins was the teenager it was trying to portray: arrogant, defiant, so hell-bent on the shock factor that we were often left with a show where wild things happened, impressing no one. 

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Chiller Than Chill: Finding Pride in my Blackness Through Fabulous Representation

I didn’t want the black Barbie; I prayed that my dark eyes would magically turn green or grey overnight. ... I remember asking my Dad why I wasn’t white, as if it were the most natural question in the world.

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